Talent Spot |Free Webinar- How to Penetrate China's Market With Lower Risks

China's market entry challenges have become a significant importance for many enterprises. China's rapidly evolving labor market, reform of employment models, increase in incomes, as well as the complexity of labor regulations have all contributed to the rise in difficulty and challenges in establishing and most importantly ensuring the growth of these enterprises in China.

This is why we have invited Matthew Kong, Head of International Business Unit at Talent Spot Asia, who has already helped more than 50 companies entered into China successfully. Also with Alec Li (co-speaker), a client we assisted for doing business in China. Together, these two speakers will emphasize the major challenges and how you can overcome them.

In This Webinar, we will cover:

1.  Understanding the complex legal and employment environment to avoid labor risks

2.  Various employment modes to meet the recruitment needs in China

3.  Professional speaker who is expert at labor regulations to help companies starting their business safely and quickly

4.  Practical case studies sharing

 5. Free slides for China market entry guide

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* Please submit any questions to: lynnfeng@talent-spot.com.cn

* Webinar Date time:June 6, 2019, 11am-12pm BST, London

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