Talent Spot | 4 Things to Consider When Recruiting Local Employees In China

Today, China is one of the largest and fierce markets in the globe. If you are thinking about expanding into China market, hiring employees for business operation is crucial. Therefore, this article is mainly for foreign companies entering the China market and about to hire local Chinese employees here.

Talent Spot | How Recruitment Agencies Use Talent Pipeline to Fill Job Positions Efficiently?

If you are looking for long-term recruiting strategies that will have a powerful impact on your company, there are only two choices: employer branding or making talent pipeline. While most of the companies are investing heavily in building their employer brand, it is quite rare for one to actually have a high-performing recruiting talent pipeline. Before we talk about why we should use a talent pipeline for the company, we first need to understand what talent pipeline is.

Talent Spot | Tech Firms in Key APAC countries Plan to Boost Hiring

Technology companies across the Asia Pacific are reporting more aggressive hiring plans in Q2 2018 compared to Q1 2018. A growing number of tech startups like Mercari, Go-JEK, Grab and Coupang are breathing new life in the Asia-Pacific region. This is why, in an increasingly competitive market, companies are resorting to new recruitment strategies to attract top talent faster.

Talent Spot | Tips for Effective Communication with a Staffing Agency

Using a staffing agency to meet your company’s hiring needs is a common practice that can get you talented recruits. While the agency’s recruiters will be taking care of much of the work associated with finding and selecting candidates for your approval, it is important to remember that this is not a “fire and forget” situation.

Talent Spot | 5 Crucial Questions to Ask When Selecting a Recruitment Agency

Now, it can be hard to know where to start when choosing a recruitment agency, especially when there are so many out there. Obviously, the right agency for your business will depend on your individual needs and requirements - however, there are a few things you should always consider when considering employing a recruitment agency.

Talent Spot | Why Flexible Working is Key to a Productive Millennial Workforce

Whilst the concept of working nine to five has long been ingrained in the workplace, this traditional working practice is increasingly being considered an expired approach to the working day. In particular, the millennial generation considers this regimented structure as constricting and unnecessary in a world that encourages and embraces collaborative technology outside of the workplace.

Talent Spot | 6 Signs You Have Found the Best Person for the Job

Whether you’re recruiting internally or filling a role for your client, the ability to spot talent is an essential skill that all recruiters should possess. In a market that is facing a skill shortage, you need to be honing in on the right applicant for the job, and the clues to finding that perfect candidate start as soon as they send through their CV.

Talent Spot | Hiring on the Go: Mobile Recruitment Trends and Opportunities

Recruitment Process Outsourcing has become much more than just a solution for high-volume permanent placement, and as such, organizations need to be prepared to harness and leverage the additional assets RPO can provide.

Talent Spot | Changing World of RPO Offers New Solutions

Recruitment Process Outsourcing has become much more than just a solution for high-volume permanent placement, and as such, organizations need to be prepared to harness and leverage the additional assets RPO can provide.

Talent Spot | How to Recruit Employees during the Economic Downturn

Do more with less’ might be the most popular mantra to keep the business afloat during bad times. As the wave of recession hits the global economy, companies focus on cutting down technical and operational costs to survive the crisis. Let alone bringing in new talents to the team, management often has to trim staff and slash budgets instead. With the current economic slowdown, how can HR managers fetch the best talent at affordable costs?

Talent Spot | 6 Steps to Improving your Payroll

When a foreign company tries to enter a new country, it is very important for the company to be aware of the local laws and regulation especially when it comes to the payroll issues. Are you still in confused with the following challenges

Talent Spot | Understanding China's Labor Law to Hire Employees in China

China is the fastest growing economies in the world, and it is continuing to rise in the world economy. With your new expansion plan for your business in China, understanding China's labor law is the key to success.

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