2018 Talent Spot Starry Night Annual Gala

Realizing Dreams by Achieving Ourselves 

2018 Talent Spot Starry Night Annual Gala

On March 8, 2019, 2018 Talent Spot Starry Night Annual Gala on "Realizing Dreams by Achieving Ourselves" was grandly held at Hotel Indigo Shanghai On The Bund, with the attendance of nearly 400 foreign and domestic staff from Talent Spot who reviewed events in 2018 and planned a brand new beginning of 2019 together. 

Signing board is where our staff take group photos and show their glamour attendance at the annual gala. 
The cool opening dance of "Inspire the Future" formally announced the wonderful opening of Talent Spot International Annual Meeting.

The moderator then went up onto the stage to invite CEO Chary to make a speech. Chary said, "In 2018, the staff of Talent Spot regarded 'driving products and services by technology to assist HRs of enterprises to work efficiently' as their goal and achieved good performance by constant exploration and innovation with the style of steadiness, which offline services continuously took advantages while online products continuously made iterations. With the integration of online and offline products and services, we have concentrated our strength on creating actual values and broad imaginary space for our customers, partners and the industry." Finally, he wished everyone to make the greater breakthrough in 2019.

As the first strong note in the night gala, the speech of Chary attracted everyone's attention. After that, everyone followed Chary to accomplished "lighting section", the whole site of annual meeting suddenly shows an amazing starry scene.

The talent show was the highlight of the dinner party. Do you think we are just working machines? No! The staffs of Talent Spot are both outstanding employees and artistic talents.

More than 50 outstanding employees and teams in 2018 were also awarded certificates of merit, each winner was a well-deserved star of Talent Spot. We thanked them to bring Talent Spot with great achievements by their efforts in 2018 and expected Talent Spot to become better and better in 2109.

One annual meeting; three-hour duration; two-month preparation; personnel with respective responsibilities; efforts of all staff... The stage was more than several meters wide, every contribution enlarged its pattern and everyone shew himself/herself and made sake for others.

For Guests 

The Talent Spot Starry Night Annual Gala on Realizing Dreams by Achieving Ourselves cannot succeed without the support of all sides. At that night, many customers and partners attended the annual meeting, making the site bright and remarkable.

Lucky draws through the whole meeting aroused the emotions of audiences time and time again. Even the staff did not win a prize in the lottery all received consolation prizes.

The moderators of the annual meeting were Talent Spot staff Peggy, Luke, Monica, and Stanely.

The cadences of their voices strung out every part of that night. Though projector lamps reflexed their striking outline, the time of preparation for host address, silent reading sound around the words on the stage hint cards and the mood switch between going on and off the stage were far away from being recorded.

The annual meeting finished, but our dreams are still in our hearts. We will continue such passion for the annual meeting in our work in 2019 to maintain our fighting force for creating new glories in the HR service industry for Talent Spot!

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