Talent Spot Won “the Best Flexible Staffing Services Provider in Greater China 2016-2017”

On March 25th, 2017, the Award Ceremony of the Best HR Service Providers in Greater China 2016-2017, the most authoritative, the largest and the highest HR selection activity in Greater China, was held at the Ritz-Carlton Shanghai Pudong. Talent Spot won “The Best Flexible Staffing Service Provider in Greater China” in the event.

That was the 12th year of the selection. About 200 professionals, including CEOs, CHROs, HR directors and HR managers from famous enterprises, as well as representatives of award-winning organizations witnessed this grand industry event together. 

Richard, Senior BD Manager of Talent Spot, accepted the award on behalf of Talent Spot

“The Best Flexible Staffing Service Provider in Greater China”

Why Talent Spot : Through characteristic service modes (one-stop, customized and end-to-end), Talent Spot provides customers with convenient, considerate and professional solutions, thus to promote the customers’ management efficiency and meet the customers’ business development quickly and accurately through constant development of innovative service products.

Moreover, Talent Spot utilizes a variety of mechanisms to simplify internal communication processes, quickly respond to the customers’ “calls” and share the enterprise resources and information, thus to comprehensively meet the customers’ requirements.

Talent Spot has strong anti-risk capability and rich experience in large projects, so that Talent Spot can become a global support team for customers. As a leading HR service provider in China, Talent Spot always keeps up with market demands and deeply explores the customers’ difficulties and obstacles, thus to constantly optimize the services and provide effective outsourcing and recruitment solutions to help enterprises simplify the recruitment and achieve business growth. Richard, Senior BD Manager of Talent Spot, considers that this Award “The Best Flexible Staffing Service Provider in Greater China” not only represents the recognition of the market and customers to Talent Spot, but also an incentive for Talent Spot to always focus on the confusion and needs of enterprises in employment and management, thus to provide targeted, effective and personalized solutions for customers at any time.

Talent Spot is the leader of HR solutions and its business covers eight countries and regions in the Asia-Pacific Region, including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Republic of Korea, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore. Talent Spot has been adhering to the principle of “providing professional, high-quality and fast HR solutions and services for customers”, such as HR agency, outsourcing labor, temporary and contractual staffing, social security & accumulation fund outsourcing, salary & welfare management, high-end HR recommendation, recruitment outsourcing, project outsourcing and other comprehensive services. The award “The Best Flexible Staffing Service Provider in Greater China” enhanced the power of Talent Spot to provide better and more professional services for customers.

“HR outsourcing” is based on customers’ business requirements. HR Company will directly arrange manpower and material resources to support the customer’s business development according to the customer’s business needs, employment number, service quality and other requirements. Under the mode of HR outsourcing, the enterprise can save lots of management cost, such as new staff training, entry and departure management, thus to realize “staffing but not fostering personnel”. In response to changes in the external environment and customer demands, Talent Spot has increased its investment in “HR outsourcing” services this year. Talent Spot has a strong Sourcing team and nationwide human resources for various posts, which can meet enterprises’ demands for temporary and project HR, ensure timely HR arrival, without taking up the enterprises’ formal authorized strength.

For many enterprises, HR outsourcing is still a new staffing way. However, the newer the things are, the more likely they are to generate value and opportunity. As with business development, enterprises should also have judgment on the trends of staffing, uphold the spirit of active exploration and understand the profound significance of HR outsourcing, thus to help enterprises seize opportunities and comprehensively enhance their competitive advantages.

Talent Spot will continue to build its own advantages in HR outsourcing, thus to help enterprises better cope with challenges and competitions. The award “The Best Flexible Staffing Service Provider in Greater China” is another witness and milestone in our business development, and we will always provide customers with solutions they need and become the most loyal partner of the enterprises.

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