Talent Spot Won “2017 Top 10 Recruitment Firms in China”

The list was selected by more than 100 outstanding domestic and foreign headhunting companies recommended by HR practitioners, professionals and the American Association of Recruitment Professional (AARP). It conducted comprehensive evaluation on the enterprises from four dimensions including business level, operation system, employer brand and corporate culture.

The target value of this selection event coincides with the vision of Talent Spot. Relying on the  excellent Talent Spot staff, we provide our customers with high-quality and customized HR solutions and services. Bases on this vision, Talent Spot has been working hard to promote both the depth and breadth of our services, thus providing the best HR solutions for more enterprises.

Talent Spot provides following services and solutions:
*Headhunting Recruitment
*Flexible Staffing
*Recruitment Process Outsourcing
*HR Outsourcing
*HR Management System Could Platform

Talent Spot not only provides the enterprises with suitable candidates, but also offers the most cost-effective and efficient staffing methods and active HR management modes, such as post outsourcing and Talent rental. Talent Spot has always positioned itself as the business partner of the enterprises and participates in every link of the enterprise’s “selection and retention”.

Talent Spot has also “upgraded” the cultivation and development of consultants.

1. In terms of job responsibilities, we require every consultant to focus on the specific functions of a single industry, take root in specific areas, accumulate truly effective candidate resources, and have comprehensive and thorough understanding of the subdivided trade structure knowledge, market dynamics and HR characteristics, thus understanding the latest and the most cutting-edge industry dynamics and further helping customers contact and identify the best qualified candidates.

2. In terms of the enhancement of service consciousness, we request that the consultant should always set up the correct recruitment idea: employment is not the end point of our service. The goal of our services is to match the personnel with posts and promote the joint development and growth between the customer and candidates. Therefore, in each service, besides the fulfillment of traditional recruitment processes, Talent Spot will do a lot of related work, such as taking the initiative to communicate with the candidates and spreading the customer’s enterprise culture and values to the candidates, helping the customers build their staffing brand and conducting “cultural matching” to the candidates in advance, thus providing really fast, efficient and accurate Talent Spot services.

Talent Spot has more than 300 professional consultants and is good at the industries including manufacturing, chemical industry, retail and FMCG, financial real estate, education and other industries. The average working experience of the consultants is more than 5 years and most of them have overseas study background and professional industry background.

We are dedicated to providing better and more profound services and developing larger and stronger regional business layout. Since its establishment 9 years ago, Talent Spot has provided services for more than 2000 customers and owned branches in more than 40 Chinese cities. In 2017, Talent Spot began to exploit overseas market and set up branches in Singapore, Hong Kong and other regions and countries. In March 2017, Talent Spot debuted “UK-China Economic Forum” as a special sponsor, bringing “industry HR solutions” to go out of China on behalf of China’s HR service industry and helping more overseas companies to understand the Chinese market, invest in China in a risk-free and low-cost way and recruit appropriate local personnel. Meanwhile, Talent Spot has also accumulated rich overseas talent pools so that it will help Chinese enterprises to develop their overseas businesses smoothly when they develop abroad. 

With the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative, China’s industrial structure has been upgraded, and various business modes have emerged, thus making HR become the hard strength of the enterprises’ development. In the future, more new jobs will be created. Both the enterprises and candidates should be prepared for these changes. Talent Spot consultants will continue to learn and be ready to take root in new areas. They are eager to become business partners of enterprises and help enterprises seize new opportunities with the most suitable HR.


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